It was just over two weeks ago when Google flipped the switch on for their Google Farmer Update impacting over 40% of Google’s search results and our SEO Community is still abuzz.

There have been some of us that seen their rankings increase seeing our traffic and revenue soar, but there are some of us who saw our online business crumble and forced to lay off staff.

The Online Publishers Association estimates that the Google Farmer update shifted $1 billion dollars in annual revenue.

As there are a number of articles and posts on the Google Webmaster Blog, Webmaster World and Search Engine Land from experts throughout our SEO Community and it may seem a bit overwhelming of what exactly you should do to get your website back into the Google index.

Therefore we have complied all their suggestions in this article on 5 SEO Tips on How You Can Recover from the Google Farmer Update:

1. Review your analytics reports to identify the root and long tail keywords that suffered most during this update.

a: Are their any patterns

b: What keywords were most effected

2. Review the content on pages of your website that had ranked well previous to this update and identify the “biggest losers”. Then make the decision of either deleting those pages entirely from your site or improving the content on those pages. Low quality in one section of your website can effect the overall quality of your entire website.

3. If you decide to savage some of the pages on your website here are our six recommendations.

a: First include the Meta Robots noindex and nofollow tag on those pages impacted and once you fix the problem on each specific page remove the code for reindexing.

b: Start the process by first addressing the pages that are most important for the survival of your online business.

c: Reduce the number of internal links on those pages and other pages on your site. Example, if your website fell for the keyword term “blue widgets” identify pages with low value content that use this link.

d: Improve your content to code and content to ad density ratio. Have more unique content on pages that are code and/or ad heavy.

e: Use the rel=”canonical” attribute on pages that have duplicate content

f: Kill the boilerplate content that maybe on your site, make each page unique.

4. Find those old forgotten pages on your website, eliminate any junk.

5. Sit back and watch, see if your changes improved your rankings.