Companies are always looking for ways to improve their ranking in search engines. Search engine optimization (SEO) is used in all online activities from website content to blogs and even SMO, all working together to ensure the company website is noticed by Google and provided with a good ranking.

Of course the higher up the ranking ladder your website gets, the more visibility you enjoy. People are more likely to look at the first page or two of Google when searching for a particular product or service. They start with the first few results, which means you want your website to be placed as close to the top as possible.

Social media can be a very effective SEO tool, as long as you ensure you incorporate a few important elements.

The first tip you will want to take advantage of when using social media for SEO is to use keywords on your profile pages. The easiest way to understand this is any keywords you focus on with your on page optimization can be used on your social media pages. This means using your keywords to get your customers attention on your profit page and also ensure that your page is seen by the search engine moving forward.

The next tip is to get people talking about your company on social media. This is different from sharing and can provide you with a seven day a week marketing solution. The best way to do this is to start a conversation that is interesting and will get people responding. Encourage involvement, the more active you are in social media, the more noticeable your company will become to new customers and to search engines.

Invite your customers to follow you on your SMO pages, but at the same time, ensure everything you do links them back to your website and blog. If you have recently written a new blog post, add that to your social media page to increase your visibility, but at the same time, encourage your followers to click the link to direct them back to your blog or site. These links are a valuable tool when it comes to SEO can help you increase your authority in the industry and improve your overall ranking in the future.

Make use of Google+. Google+ is an effective social Networking tool that can be beneficial in terms of your SEO efforts. Use your keywords in your Google+ profile and remember to add your location to appeal to local search results. This is a must for every business, ensuring Google can link your Google+ profile to your website, boosting your ranking.

Make everything you do on social media sharable. You want as many people online to share your pictures, blogs, posts and more. The more people you get to share your posts, the more visible you become, ensuring that search engines notice you and help increase your ranking.

In addition to this, remember that content is always imperative both on your website, your blogs and on social media. Content is an important element of SEO and you can’t afford to upload poor quality content. Ensure everything you do on your social media page is high quality, informative and interesting. Google loves high quality content, so if you want your ranking to improve, this is an area to concentrate on.

Finally, don’t forget an important step to using social media for SEO is to make your images searchable. Customers searching for a particular product or service can be directed to an image on your social media page, from there directing them to your website and all ensuring you are seen, remembered and your ranking is improved.