SEO is the popular form of promotion when it comes to getting traffic for the website. However SEO can be a time taking process depending upon the competition of the targeted keyword. It doesn’t mean that the time and money spent will be wasted but SEO takes time to bring result.The outcome of SEO work can be very positive if an SEO providing company or webmaster is careful about the pitfall which he can find in the path of SEO. Unfortunately some SEO service provider or webmaster falls prey of these pitfalls while providing there SEO services and the penalty is paid by their website. SEO if gone in wrong direction can lead to great disaster which can haunt your website ranking for long time.

A very high profile SEO disaster came into light when famous German Car maker BMW was found doing cloaking to fool the search engines. Google immediately responded by removing the BMW website from its Google listing which in result defaming the brand name of BMW.

The above examples shows that even a multinational company can fall foul of search engines like Google by trying to trick the search engines which obviously no search engine would like to accept whether its Google or yahoo or MSN. An SEO service providing company or webmaster should always remember that almost all major search engines keep human being to test to keep an eye on each and every website which is submitted to them. So no matter how smart you are if you are doing something wrong than it will not take too much time for them to surface you. In the beginning you can get some overwhelming response by doing Black Hat or spamming but it is not worthy to take so this much amount of risk.

When a webmaster or SEO services providing company make a website or making any changes in the website it is advisable that they should keep user friendly term in your mind, keeping intention to fool the search engine can lead your website to nowhere but in a black hole.

Same goes with Link building activity for your website. If you spam other website in large number than again your website is an evil in the eyes of search engine watchdogs no matter how much gain you get in starting but will again going nowhere but in rehab center of Google.

If you want to generate long term traffic and stability in Google ranking than you need to follow old SEO techniques which were scripted by Search engine. Write quality content and promote them various article websites you will definitely get good links from other webmasters. Honor your online SEO community. Always aim at longer goal not in short term. Treat your website as your product or service. Just think if you are ashamed of your product how others are going to give it respect.