Internet marketing provides a cost effective means of allowing the world to notice your presence. Not only this, but it is also a great place to generate traffic and more direct action in terms of sales. Two most commonly used forms of internet marketing are Google AdWords and Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Read further to understand the differences and similarities of both these tools.

It is important for businessmen to discover the appropriate means of using internet marketing and attracting website traffic. Everyone likes a free meal. However, it is not necessary that you can make most money out of a free internet marketing tool. The differences between SEO content and Google AdWords are mainly on account of the cost factor, the number of visitors generated by each and the conversion rate and the time involved in conversion.

Layout Changes:

Most of the websites linked with Google AdWords do not require any kind of layout or design changes to be made to the website as is in the case of SEO.

Cost Aspect:

Google AdWords is a cost based tool and charges on the basis of pay per click. On the other hand, SEO is free. However, AdWords has an option of controlling the cost charged to you. You have the facility to specify the amount that you are willing to spend during a time period. Also, you will pay only when a visitor clicks on your ad. Thus, if no traffic is directed towards your website, you pay nothing. SEO has an upfront cost involved which cannot be reversed later.

Traffic Generation:

Traffic generation is a little slower with SEO as compared to AdWords. This is because SEO has restriction of placing only one keyword for getting top rank to your website. AdWords can provide immediate flow of traffic towards your website as you can have multiple keywords linked to your websites. Thus, you can leverage from Google AdWords’ vast network.

Tracking of Results:

Google AdWords makes it possible for you to track your advertisements and do rate and return analysis for the same. Thus, you can easily know as to which ads are generating results and which are time consuming. Tracking ads is not that simpler with SEO. You cannot control the region or geography wherein people see your ads.