Below are some tips for performing offsite optimizations:

Link submission and Advertisement

To start this process you will need some Anchor text and description that fit best your site. This is, create a few (5 or 6 to begin with) mixing keywords. Place the keyword both in the Anchor Text (title) and Description. Anchors usually can contain between 1 and 6 words and description can be up to 250 characters (this depends on the directory).

In order to submit to Search Engines, just go to Google and type something like: “search engine submission”. Tons of results are going to appear. In order to submit to Directories, just go to Google and type “Free Directories”, “Free Directories List”, etc…

Writing Articles

You should also consider writing articles. Articles are a nice way for people to know you fast and promote your business. Go to Google and search for “Submit Articles” and many articles directories like this will appear.

Google Webmasters

This is a great tool for Webmasters that want to analyze different statistics, diagnose possible problems, check Google robots and much more. There are many things this tool provides you such as Statistics, most frequents keywords, inner page errors, HTML errors, etc. Plus, you can submit a sitemap in order to let Google know all the pages that your site has so Google can index them. Go to Google and search for “Webmasters”.


The Google Webmaster tools suggest you to upload a Sitemap in order to “simplify” Google crawler to detect website that the Crawler might be skipping. Then you specify all the URLs you want the crawler to detect and a few parameters. These are:

– loc: Can be 2048 characters at most
– lastmod: Date the page was last modified (format YYYY-MM-DD)
– changefreq: Change frequency. Accepted values are: always, hourly, daily, weekly, monthly, yearly, never
– priority: Page Priority. Values between 1.0 (high priority) and 0.0 (low priority)

So, each URL you put in the sitemap should look something like this:



Studying your competitor’s is important to understand what they are doing so you can try to imitate them. You should go to the first site that appear on Google search and analyze them. You can find out for example what sites link to that particular competitor by simply writing in the search box of any Search Engine, or site:

The objective here is to find relevant links to your site. Including a few outbound links is also recommended here because some sites might ask you for a reciprocal link. This will give your pages quality connection to those sites.