Twitter might have just the right solution to the never-ending battle for search engine result supremacy. A lot of young starting companies that are trying to leverage the Internet can use Twitter to get a nice, sweet spot in search engine listings. Translation: first page and possibly top 5. And all they have to do is to sign up and let Twitter and it’s new friend, Google, do the rest.

Twitter SEO has been debated extensively in many tech blogs. Most bloggers agree that the benefits of having your name or brand carefully built into your Tweets are huge. In a sense, Twitter SEO is free and automatic as soon as you open an account. This is because Twitter made a few tweaks and changes to it’s title tags in late March. Since then, Twitter has been getting major league link juice from Google, boosting your tweets to the first page of Google’s search engine result page (SERP). Imagine: Whatever name or brand you choose to optimize on your Twitter gains instant preferred treatment on Google . That is just huge. Huge. With Twitter playing it’s trump card well, Twitter SEO is doing great not only for them, but for their users, too.

This friendly exchange between Google and Twitter can work for your business. You should not underestimate this new “secret” feature that Twitter has. Being on the very first page of the SERP means people searching for the term you’ve optimized are much more likely to see and therefore click on your Twitter posts.

Another upshot to the value of Twitter SEO is it’s “no-follow” attribute. So in many cases, it is so much better than traditional SEO, which basically relies on linking to get search engine results. The “no-follow” attribute tells search engines to disregard the SEO value of the link you post on your tweets. Therefore, what makes your Twitter profile gain search engine visibility is not the number of links that connect to you, but the content of the profile itself. Of course it goes without saying that, again, Twitter’s “friendship” with Google is also what gives your profile some search engine sugar.

Twitter SEO can more or less be regarded as both promotion and creation. On the surface, Twitter is just another potential directory where you can submit your site into and open yet another gate where customers can reach your website (called promotion). Yet on another level, Twitter can also serve as onsite SEO since you can interact with potential customers and actively introduce your business to them. Your Twitter profile can more or less serve as your Contact Us page where relationships are created and bonds.