You may have an ebook that is counting on SEO (Search Engine Optimization) to sell 1 to 5 books a day and now you haven’t had a sale in a week. What is up with Google?

You are probably familiar with keyword stuffing, back link creation and software which will rewrite any article into garbage (and really fast). Google has had it with what Google sees as manipulation of the rules. “The Goal of the Goog” is to stop manipulation while increasing the quality of content – and rewarding good, solid, deep, real content with higher search results.

The Google Angle of attack:

Are you a person who watched Google’s attempts at Google Places, Google Docs and Google’s social network as clumsy or just too late to the party? Things are shaping up and it looks like Google will persist and win.

For example, Google+ is a renaming and remodeling of what was Google Places. The idea is to give you a strong-centered-online-identity – and to put you high on page one when it makes sense for the search term entered, for free.

Are you registered with Google+?

If you are not, you are part of 90% of businesses that have not claimed their place. Yes, that’s right – only 10% of businesses have taken advantage of Google+. If you go to Google and search “life insurance, Ann Arbor, MI” you will clearly see the power of Google+ – there they are – the insurance agents with a Google+ account!

Do you have to have a physical location to register with Google+? No!

Add the other Google properties like You Tube and Blogger to name just two of many and the bottom line is: we all need to become quick studies of everything Google. Fortunately, “the keys to the kingdom” can be had by producing the highest quality content you can possibly produce.


You cannot ignore keywords. You also can’t pay too much attention to keywords. Don’t be confused. Quality content is no longer (and never was) about keywords. Does presentation matter?

A pretty website or highly produced YouTube video will not send a thrill up the leg of Google Bots and Spiders as they scan your website. Content is spoken or written words with meaning, conveying specific answers to whatever search term rolls off the fingers of someone somewhere on earth as they type into the search window.

Your best defense is an offense.

Yes, stop keyword stuffing and poorly repurposed writing… and go forward to produce “natural” and rich content which drills down on the focus of your business. Do it enough and in enough places (without using copy and paste) and you will be rewarded with SEO. You can also reward Google for rewarding you by taking advantage of all the tools offered.