This is a a good idea by Google and will hopefully improve Google+ as it has been criticized in the past. The new tab looks great and businesses have already started listing their pages on their so I would get cracking if I was you.

I have submitted our Social Media Expose page to be placed as a local business on the 30th May but Google has to send a verification postcard by post to the address you say your business is located before your page can be displayed. This takes up to two weeks so bear this in my mind when deciding to submit your page.

So to get you started you will need to sign up to Google Places for Business listing and follow the instructions and fill in as much detail as possible. This is a quick and easy registration so you shouldn’t have any problems, the only downside is the wait for the verification postcard.

As well as signing up to Google+ Places you will also have to take into account various other things to maximize the SEO aspect of things. I have listed a few things to look at to hopefully boost your local SEO status:

1. Google+ are using the new Local tab to replace older pages so you need to make sure that you are using both the old and the new to keep maintain your presence on the web. Doing this will also help you transition between the two when Google+ finally depletes the older pages.

2. If you haven’t already set up a Google+ account then please do so, it is quick and painless. You can set up a personal profile so that you can add clients etc and also a business page where you can post the latest news, pictures, offers and events.

3. Contact all your connections through email and tell them about your new Google+ Local page and ask them to +1 your page if they like it and/or join your circle. This is quite important as all those social activities such as ‘like’ ‘tweet’ ‘+1’ are now playing a massive part in SEO.

4. Make sure that you continue your SEO campaign with your new Google+ Local page and don’t forget about any existing SEO activities you might have undertook in the past.