Google Penguin has arrived to save the searches! Ever since the inception of Google one of their main goals was to create a search engine that returned useable results for their searchers. Somewhere along the way many companies started taking advantage of what is called “black-hat” techniques which allowed for a manipulated ranking of their webpage. Google is doing their best to put a stop to that with the introduction of Google Penguin.

No, Google Penguin is not a character out of Happy Feet, but rather a new algorithm by Google to help prevent companies from keyword stuffing, cloaking, participating in link schemes with the goal of creating unscrupulous back links, and other unsavory SEO and SEM techniques.

One of the best ways for a company to be in compliance with Google Penguin is to create content on their websites that is in line with what product or service they are offering. Many of these companies are turning to professional SEO and SEM article writing companies to create interesting and usable content for their websites.

Professional article companies usually enlist a wide range of freelance or permanent writers with varied backgrounds. These SEO article writing companies are educated in the current Google algorithm rules and regulations. Their knowledge of the Google Penguin does and don’ts will help any company insure that they will not be black-listed by Google.

Not only can these SEO and SEM article writing companies deliver Google safe content, they can usually do it in a much shorter time then if a company chose to do the writing themselves. Professional article writers understand how to research products and write articles that will enhance the desired product and/or service without seeming to much like a direct sales pitch.

Articles with high value content such as: how-to articles, top five lists, program guides, product guides, and other forms of articles will become must reads for the company’s visitors and the customers will keep coming back to check out new and interesting articles. These return customers will help the company’s website gain page ranking which means they will show up organically in searches closer to the top of the page. Being ranked higher on the first page of Google means a more likely chance of a new customer clicking that link.

Many companies try to do the article writing by themselves, but don’t understand the subtle nuances that go into writing Google “approved” articles. Many times these innocent mistakes can lead to a site being taken of the Google, Yahoo, and Bing index lists. Not being indexed means it is even harder for a company’s website to be discovered during organic searches.

Smaller companies looking for a cost efficient way to raise their page rankings and be Google Penguin “approved” have found that professional article writing companies are a great way to go.