This article has been written simply to discuss how SEO can be a wonderful affiliate marketing strategy. Search engine optimization, also called SEO for short, is probably the best method for getting practically free traffic to your web page. Also, you can make use of search engine optimization in increasing the ranking of your website in the eyes of the almighty search engine: Google. Of course, it would also increase your ranking in the other search engines as well. The art of SEO is the use of a number of methods which involve editing your website with a couple of techniques that work to increase your page ranking on search engines. Here we are going to analyze the good ones in the SEO armory and the bad ones as well.

There are a couple of categories where you can score SEO points. First of all, you can score SEO points simply for having the best kind of keyword density on your website. This works quite well, if you are having little competition to deal with. In this case, you would score a lot of points by including the important keyword in your article a number of times on your web page. However, a bad affiliate marketing plan involves the excessive use of keywords in your articles. One way to go about this is through the use of coloring the important text in with the background, or by using ways too much keywords in one page of the article. Of course, when you use this technique, you might feel proud to find that your traffic would boost up instantly, but do not be deceived: it is only short-run stuff. It would all come plummeting down within a few moments. Once Google has detected the kind of game you are playing, your super feat would all dissolve in a shower of tears.

One of the best ways to ensure that you have a better SEO rating is through the judicious increment of the number of content on your page. Of course Google has nothing against images and videos – it loves them – however, Google majors in its search for info through the use of text. Therefore the more text information there is on your website, the more the amount of ‘respect’ Google accords it. You see, Google will always put in information at the topmost when it is ranking websites, and if you are lucky with enough information, then you would have your website on top. However, if you become a spam king, you would find that Google does not take it lightly, and your SEO points could be drastically reduced.

Of course, back links. These are still one of the best ways to get a high ranking on the Google pages. Back links is basically a way of linking one website to the other.

So there is the whole lot. I know there are more ways to increase your SEO ranking, but I feel these are the top when you are considering affiliate marketing.