SEO articles are not easy to write, and most people do not understand the importance of SEO content and article marketing services to their online success. If there is one thing that humans and search engine robots are looking for, it is well written and informative content on your web pages. While the term ‘SEO articles’ is a manufactured one, it does explain the purpose of such content on your website.

Nobody in this world, other than Google engineers with the necessary clearance, understands exactly what Googlebot is searching for. Only they know how the spider, crawler or whatever you call it, assesses your web pages. It is estimated that over 200 distinct factors are taken into account in your ranking position for any specific search term used by a Google customer.

Google customers are those using the search engine for its designed purpose – to find information. We are using Google as an example because it is by far the most popular search engine, but the points made here apply also to Yahoo, Bing, Ask and any other search engine out there.

Objective of SEO Articles

The objective of SEO articles is to persuade these robots that your web page is both authoritative with regard to the topic of the search, and is also designed to provide the searcher with the information requested by the search term (keyword) they used. If you can achieve this using informative SEO content, then you are part of the way to getting a listing in the search result.

Whether that listing is on Page 1 or Page 100 depends on how relevant your page is. For example, let’s say the search term is “information on choosing golf clubs.” If your web page offers the pros and cons of the different types and makes of golf clubs, you have a good chance of a high listing. If your web page is a sales page, optimized for ‘buy golf clubs’ then you may not be listed.

Had the searcher used the term ‘buy golf clubs,’ then your page would be listed higher than the information page. SEO articles can be used to advertise the focus of each of your web pages – information or sales, for example. SEO articles can be published on your own website, as separate information pages, or can be used in article marketing and published on article directories and blogs.

Article Marketing Services

Let’s not dispense with a few falsehoods about article marketing. The term refers to online marketing by means of published articles. It is neither dead not frowned upon by Google or any other search engine. Article marketing is alive and kicking, and is still a major component of the internet marketing strategy of most successful online entrepreneurs.

Article marketing services offer a useful service to those unsure how to use their own writing abilities to promote their web pages. You do not write to promote your products or services, but your individual web pages. Google lists individual pages, not entire domains (websites). You should write to help to solve a problem: everybody using a search engine has one problem or another – even if just wanting to buy the right golf club.