Google is dancing again! A full tilt all out boogie,
a long drawn out rumble somewhere near cursor heaven.
My own keywords are going up, down and out the door.
Take your pick. Just want the bloody thing to stop.
My nerves are shot… three years of hard work may just
go down the drain and there’s no end in sight!

Fellow webmasters will recognize my slight desperation,
my total sense of unease when Google dances. It all has to
do with pre-conditioning, psych majors will know this,
I am well conditioned to react. I have been burnt horribly
by Google dances in the past so my panic is almost palatable.
Forget Pavlov’s dog, when Google dances, webmasters like
me salivates.

And Google is really dancing this time, Jagger has nothing
on this baby. Nobody dances like Google, even puts Seinfeld’s
Elaine to shame. And if you’re new to the webmaster’s favorite
folly, a Google dance happens with Google adjusts its ranking
algorithm, causing a ripple effect and adjustments in the
rankings of keywords. Sites move up or down. Previous major
Google dances have been called Florida, Austin, Bourbon…

When Google dances, webmasters sweat bullets. And it’s not
all in their heads. It’s not psychosomatic. Horror stories abound,
about honest hard working webmasters (not a black hat to be seen)
suddenly waking up to find their site or sites gone from Google.
Thousands of daily visitors/customers to their site vanish
in an algorithmic fog overnight. Swift. Brutal. Painful.

Gone, top ranking keywords nowhere to be seen. Gone, visitors,
visitors, visitors. Gone, sales, sales, sales…

More times than not, the sites come back or regain their
positions (rankings for popular keywords — for the totally
uninitiated, keywords or keyword phrases are what people type
into search engines to find what they’re looking for), keywords
are the conerstones of the whole Internet. Without them, the
Internet as we know it, would not work.

Mastering Google means mastering your site’s keywords or phrases.
Get a top ten SERPs ranking for your keywords and changes are
very good you will have a successful site. Webmasters work
for years getting their site’s keywords up into the
top keyword ranking spots. Countless fortunes have been made
by those who have mastered the game. Countless fortunes have
tumbled when Google dances.