Browsing through hundreds, maybe thousands of websites in a work week, I am continually amazed at the laziness of some web developers. I know how useful copy and paste can be, but believe me, in SEO, uniqueness is King. If you are a customer to some fancy web development firm, make sure to check your Meta description tags on every page. Google is notorious for devaluing a site whose Meta descriptions are repeated in every page. Take advantage of the power of the Meta description tag.

Most people get lazy when creating pages in the areas that are most important in ranking. While you may have a $10,000 website, the sad fact of today’s internet is that you either need one of two elements to get web site success as far as traffic is concerned: a large budget, or great ranking.

Google SEO is increasingly affected by the type of Meta description and how well it fits into the theme of the page, and the web site. Once you have gotten all the right elements in place, begin brainstorming on a catchy way to describe the focus of your page, while describing a call-to-action.

If your site is about apples, and your page about red apples, you could create a powerful Meta description, unique to that page that could read something like this:

“Look to our delicious red apple recipes, and find out what you have been missing. The best red apples usually have a ripe texture, not too soft. Read more!”

That small description mentions some assets about red apples, while using the keyword twice in a description that will peak the interest of the reader.

In Google search results, the description or snippet used usually comes from the Meta description. You can be less description and optimize for more keywords in the title, rather than the description. This strategy is sure to give your web site ranking a boost.

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