So, you have opened your own website and you think you have the best product in the world. You think that you can just sit back and watch your orders soar. The only problem is, they are not soaring and you don’t know why.

The main problem is that no one can see your website. You have just designed a website using a template, paid for an URL and you think that you are just going to magically appear as the number one result in Google.

You are not.

Getting to the number one spot on Google takes work and a lot of time is spent on making sure that your site is search engine optimized, or SEO for short.


In this day and age it is widely recognized that good SEO is vital to having a good business presence online. It is shocking how many businesses are unaware of SEO and that they need it to be successful.

There was a time when companies could just hire SEO marketers and let them worry about that, but now, everyone that works on the website should have some idea of what good SEO is and what they have to do when they are posting.

If you are thinking about opening a website and you are a bit apprehensive about the SEO side of things, you should read on for some tips on how to enforce good SEO practice.



Before you have even written a word of code, or chosen a website template, you should be thinking about the structure of the website and how it can affect good SEO.

First of all, you should make sure that pages on the site are accessible in as few links as possible. If you have a link to a page of the front of the site, but that link just leads to another page of information with another link, and then another, then Google will not like this. Neither will your readers (ie, customers).

If you have pages like this, then the customer will leave your site and never come back and Google will put your site in the proverbial bin, otherwise known as page 1000 in the search results. You do not want this.

Therefore, you should make sure that pages are accessible before they click on more than 3 links.


The key is in the organization of the page really. You should have less than 100 links on your page and the information should be clearly organized. You should have one page for each of your keywords.

For example, if you post a lot of information about The Walking Dead, then the new posts can be featured on the front page, but they are saved on a page devoted to The Walking Dead.

If you have information all over the place, then the page will not look professional and Google will not be able to crawl your information effectively. Therefore, your page will not rank in the search results.