Agile cloud migration is a complex process, one that is best broken down into different steps. While cloud providers can help, contact centres are largely better off working with a partner that can help facilitate their shift to another platform.

Working with a different partner Immigration agent Perth ensures smooth operations on the new UC platform, minimal disruption to work on the current platform, and secures data. A partner can facilitate the migration process and make it as cost-efficient as possible by performing several functions that include creating a migration profile.

What is a migration profile?

A migration profile refers to the technical, business, and human resource configuration that make up a contact center’s current CX platform. It contains vital information on how the system works, including work agent schedules, interaction routing flows, in-queue objects, and telephony configuration, to name a few. A migration profile is often compiled by the organisation responsible for migrating the contact center’s CX platform to a different cloud provider. Most importantly, a migration profile can accelerate the agile cloud migration process significantly.

How does a profile optimize agile cloud migration?

A migration profile can aid agile cloud migration by streamlining the process significantly and is often created by cleaning legacy systems. Here are just some ways a migration profile facilitates a shift to another platform.