Bypassing the strenuous and tedious efforts of traditional (manual) hand planing, the hand-held power planer has changed the way woodworkers level, shape, and shave wood. Effortlessly, smoothly, and precisely, the power planer smooths and levels lumber in a more simple and fluid process. The power planer is designed to surface wood. With it, craftsmen can shave and shape wood to size, can level uneven or warped stock, and can Makita evenly smooth rough or cross-grained materials. Also acting like a jointer, a power planer can smoothly surface and edge entire pieces of lumber. Being more versatile than a jointer, however, a planer is portable and can be utilized on and around job sites rather than strictly in the shop. Woodworkers and craftsmen rejoice at the optimized functionality of the power planer, and sleep more soundly at night knowing it will smooth and finely finish, better shave and shape, all of their woodworking projects. Please continue reading for information on some of the industry’s leading planers from Makita, DEWALT, and Bosch.

Makita’s 3-1/4 in planer kit, weighing only 5.5 lbs and delivering a powerful 15,000 (no load) RPM, offers a remarkably high power-to-weight ratio – making the tool more effecient and easier to use for extended periods of time. For enhanced performance, Makita has also redesigned the tool’s (4 Amp) motor with more output power and intensified overall strength. The planer is also designed with a centerline balance with front and rear grips positioned for optimal user control. This balanced system also helps eliminate gouging and uneven planing as the tool is engaged. For fast and easy blade installation Makita’s N1900B has a simple blade setting system, and has a lock-on button for continuous use and reliable, always smooth planing. For optimal performance, the tool uses double-edged tungsten-carbide mini blades with a longer life-span and always smooth cutting capability. To increase the tool’s overall life and durability, Makita’s planer has a strong all ball bearing construction. The planer is double insulated for added safety and security, and has a base built with precision machined aluminum for enhanced planing accuracy ans precision shaping.