Ordering the perfect wholesale plastic containers for your product displays is just the first step to creating your displays. Once your containers arrive, you have to make sure they’ll fit your intended display space, make sure the merchandise will fit the containers, and make sure the displays you plan to create will be convenient for your customers.

Make Sure the Plastic Containers Fit Your Display Space

Chances are, you thought about the container bestellen display spaces where you wanted to use your wholesale plastic containers BEFORE you ordered them; however, you still need to double-check to make sure your containers are going to work with your countertop space, your floor display racks, or your slat wall or pegboard display fixtures.

Make Sure Your Merchandise Fits Your Plastic Containers

Now that you know your wholesale plastic containers fit your display spaces, it’s time to make sure your merchandise fits your containers. This step is much easier because if the intended merchandise DOESN’T fit, chances are you have other kinds of merchandise that WILL fit.

For example, if you purchased plastic containers with the intention of displaying children’s stuffed toys, but now that the containers are in front of you you’ve discovered the toys are actually too big for the containers, you can still use the containers to display another similar item, such as bouncy balls or small action figures.

You can even use the containers to display merchandise of an entirely different category, such as small pieces of wrapped candy or travel-sized bottles of hand sanitizer.

It basically all boils down to the kind of merchandise your store sells, but the bottom line is that even if your plastic containers are too small or too large for their original intended purposes, you can still use them to create other kinds of product displays throughout your store.